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Achieve a Flawless Finish With Drive Instant Gloss Spray Wax!

Most car enthusiasts spend hours of extensive detailing to achieve the covenanted "wet shine" look on their vehicles. At Drive Auto Appearance we believe that you should spend more time driving and enjoying your car and less time cleaning it. That's why we developed Drive Instant Gloss Spray Wax to help ANY detailer give their vehicle a deep, wet looking shine without all the hard work. Instant Gloss Spray Wax contains a premium blend of Carnauba Wax and high tech polymers that allow for quick, easy application. Instant Gloss Spray Wax offers a shine that lasts for many months. It's versatile design makes it compatible with any paint surface, plastics, trim and chrome. Visit our online store at and grab a bottle to get your shine on fast!


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