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Ceramic Coating Services Now Available!

Drive Auto Appearance Center is excited to now offer Nano Ceramic Coatings Installation to list of premium detailing services. Exclusively using our own line of Drive Nano Ceramics, we can shine and protect any vehicles for years to come.

What is Drive Ceramic Coating?

Drive Nano Ceramic Coatings are high tech protective coatings that provide outstanding permanent surface protection against heat, UV-damage, scratching, chemical and environmental staining.

What Are The Benefits of Having My Vehicle Ceramic Coated?

There are lots of benefits to having your vehicles protected by Drive Nano Ceramic Coatings. Some of them include:

  • Ease of maintenance

  • Once applied and allowed to cure, your vehicle will be resistant to dirt, water and staining and stay cleaner longer. Making maintenance as simple as a monthly hand wash.

  • Durability

  • Once applied Drive Nano Ceramics protection lasts up to 2-5 years.

  • Protect vehicle (resell) value

  • Vehicles that are highly maintained often have higher resell values.

  • Super aesthetic qualities

  • Drive Nano Ceramics enhance the shine and depth of any paint scheme.

What Areas of My Vehicles can be Coated?

Drive Nano Ceramic Coatings offers several different products to address every area of you vehicle including:

  • Exterior paint & trim

  • Wheels

  • Exterior glass

  • Leather & vinyl

  • Carpets & upholstery

How Long Does a Ceramic Coating Last?

Drive Nano Ceramic Coatings are designed to last 2-5 years with regular maintenance. Your Drive Installer will give you all the maintenance and care information after installation.

How Long Does A Ceramic Coating Installation Take to Perform?

Installation timing can vary based upon the type, size and condition of the vehicle at the time of service. Generally speaking it takes 2-4 days to prep and install our ceramic coating. Here's a list of services that are performed in our installation packages:

  • Vehicle evaluation

  • Prep wash

  • Iron deposit and bonded contamination removal

  • Scratch & Swirl removal

  • Surface Prep Detox

  • Application of Ceramic Coating

  • Vehicle Re-evaluation

How much does a Ceramic Coating Installation Costs?

Because all vehicles are unique, pricing can vary. Packages range from $1,200 to 2,500.00 for coupes and sedans. Larger trucks, SUV and specialty vehicle pricing can run higher. Final pricing is set after a thorough pre-service evaluation and client consultation.

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